Why Choose Us

  1. Highest standards of care
  2. Convenient hours (we are open on weekends)
  3. Free parking
  4. Most insurance plans are accepted
  5. Flexible methods for payments
  6. No refer (all treatments in one location with experienced dentist.)

In our clinic all of the following complicated treatments are done by well experienced dentists (No need to specialists):

  • Periodontal and oral treatments (surgeries):
    • Diagnosis and treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases
    • Periodontal resective and regenerative surgeries
    • Cosmetic and plastic periodontal surgeries (such as correction of smile line, soft tissue gingival graft, etc.)
    • Removal or exposure of impacted teeth
    • Advanced implant surgeries (socket preservation. Fresh socket or immediate implantation, bone grafting and bone corrective surgeries, open and closed sinus lifting)
  • Orthodontic treatments or braces:

There are different methods for teeth straightening like removable appliances’ functional appliances, metal braces, porcelain braces, invisalign*, etc.

In this office we offer you all these methods for treat crowding or crooked teeth, spacing teeth, open bite, deep bite, under bite, etc.

*Invasilign aligners are an invisible option to metal braces that are suitable for adults and teens.

  • Pediatric dentistry or children’s dentistry:
    • First year infant visit and parent education
    • Behavior management to overcome dental fear and anxiety
    • Preventive dentistry (dental cleaning and hygiene instructions, dental sealants, fluoride varnish application, etc.)
    • Restorative services (mercury-free white fillings/ stainless steel crowns, baby root canals or pulpotomy and pulpectomy, tooth extraction, etc.)
    • Emergencies (tooth aches, dental trauma, etc.)
    • Dentistry for children with special needs (physical and/or mental)
  • Root canal or endodontic treatments:
    • Root canal of all complicated teeth (curved canals, calcified or constricted canals, pulp stones, etc.)
    • Root canal of immature teeth with open apex
    • Internal and external resorption
    • Root canal through the crowns
    • Retreatment or reendo (when the first root canal treatment was unsuccessful for some reason we need to do a reendo procedure that can be more difficult than initial root canal)
    • Apicoectomy or root end surgery (a surgical option when root canal treatment fails, in which the very tip of the tooth’s root is removed and sealed)
    • Perforation repairs
  • We also offer you all other dental procedures such as teeth whitening, full porcelain crowns, immediate dentures, immediate implants, valplast flexible dentures, veneers, natural white colored fillings with fiber posts, digital intra oral and extra oral X-rays, and free consultation.
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