Our Doctors:

Dr Arjang Fallahdoost

Dr Elham Faghih Nasiri

Dr Farid Bargriz Farshi

Dr Ehsan Bayegan

Dr  Roozbeh Rashed

Our Team:

Estela Mendoza and her Colleagues in Forbes dental clinic provide all hygiene and cleaning procedures ( Dental hygienists)

Lailanie Ulat Ignacio  (Treatment plan coordinator and manager)


Why Choose Us:

Highest standards of care

Convenient hours (we are open on weekends)

Free parking

Most insurance plans are accepted

Flexible methods for payments

No refer (all treatments in one location with experienced dentist)

Contact us:

Tel: (416)792-6940
Tel: (416)792-6941
Fax: (416)792-6945

Address: #118, 2190 Mcnicoll Ave. M1V 0B3

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Our Medical Services

Restorative Dentistry

Bridges and Implants

Gum surgery

Children’s dentistry

Orthodontics or Braces

Root Canal Treatment

Extractions or Pulling Out

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